2024: John Cage & Leah Ke Yi Zheng: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy - Castle Gallery, Los Angeles

2023: Soul Mapping  - Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

           Leah Ke Yi Zheng - David Lewis Gallery, New York

            Leah Ke Yi Zheng - 4th Ward Project

2022: Leah Ke Yi Zheng - David Lewis Gallery, New York
            Currency, Umbria, Italy

           Leah Ke Yi Zheng and Danny Bredar - Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago

2021: Currency -  Soccer Club Club, Chicago 

           Memory’s Great Vertigo: David Hartt and Leah Ke Yi Zheng at Paris London HongKong gallery

2020: Uffizi at Taquaria Los Alomos
            Currency - IWNGBTWIW

            Fisherman by the shore at abandoned office

Group Exhibitions:

2023:  Silence. By this point, everything is different, Apparatus  Project , Chicago

2022:   Goodweather, Chicago

             A Mimetic Theory of Desire - David Lewis Gallery, New York

2019:  carbon copy